Green Bay

11м max depth
Novice diver's level
From shore type of entry
Green Bay is great both for beginners and experienced divers. Depth - 1 meter to 11 meters. Lots of marine life - Sea Bream, Pipe Fish, Damsel Fish, turtles and if you are lucky - Octopus. Our very own underwater museum! Green Bay can boast to be one of the busiest dive sites in the world when it comes to the month of August!
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Green Bay AKA Turtle Bay is one of the most popular dive sites in the Protaras area. The site caters for all levels of divers, especially the absolute beginners. Whether you are a total beginner to diving or an experienced diver, you will be sure to enjoy what Green Bay has to offer. Green Bay has a maximum Depth of 11 meters. This dive site is considered a perfect location for people who want to learn to dive as there are no currents and offers swimming pool like conditions in terms of calmness and depth of the sea. The bay is easily accessible, with a simple entry from the beach into standing depth water which is still and crystal clear. Underwater you will be amazed with the amount of marine life there is to see such as sea Bream, Pipe Fish, Cornet fish, Ornate Wrasse, Rainbow Wrasse, Damsel fish, Moray eels, Parrot fish, Turtles, Octopus, and squid. In addition to the exquisite marine life you can also visit our very own underwater museum!