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42м max depth
All levels diver's level
From boat type of entry
One of the top ten world dive sites, ideal depth 17 to 40 meters for recreational diving. Swedish Ferry which sank on its maiden voyage a short distance of 1400 meters from the port of Larnaca in June 1980 with more that 100 fully loaded lorries onboard.
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A truly amazing experience to see the ship which at the time of sinking was fully loaded with cargo lorries, it’s a great experience to see the extremely large vessels quietly resting on the sea bottom with its upper deck cargo of lorries laying on the sandy bottom surrounding the vessel A must for any Advanced open water diver.

The wreck turned into an artifcial reef and became home to large Groupers, Barracuda, Moray Eels, Sea Bream and Amber Jacks.

Zenobia routes:
1. From the propeller down to 40m to see “kissing trucks” and eggs
2. Anchor, penetration to cafeteria and bridge
3. Penetration into first lorry deck , truck with bones, lift shaft, bottles with ethilium alcohol
4. Accomodation, air pocket, exit through cafeteria
5. Second lorry deck , sleeping bags, “captain’s  car”, Blue Lada
6. Second lorry deck, forklift
7. Anchor chain locker penetration, bridge, laundry room
8. Medical room, picture with trees, exit through officer’s accommodation
9. Engine room. Tour of the engine room. Exit through first lorry  deck
10. Engine room. Tour of engine room. Exit through second lorry deck.